Sunday 17 April 2022

Bunny girls


Good evening, I hope you are all enjoying a happy Easter weekend. I have had a lovely quiet day, spent most of it reading after overdoing the weeding the last couple of days!  A quick post from me to share my knitted bunnies- finished in the nick of time for my youngest two granddaughters tomorrow. We're having an egg hunt, their parents are not keen on them having too much chocolate - Emily has allergies so not the best thing for her so I thought I'd hide these 2 little bunny girls along with some tiny eggs. I would have liked to dress one as a boy but I know they would both want the girl one! I think we'll have to shut Marvin indoors while the hunt is in progress- he is really lusting after these bunnies- has run off with them several times in various stages of completion...and I don't think the girls will like to share!

Only tomorrow left to go then Marvin will be having his stitches removed- so looking forward to him being able to have a good long walk and get rid of some of that pent up energy, he's been so full of mischief for the last week, apart from bunny snatching he's chomped up his cone, learned to dig big holes- a fun new hobby -and decapitated any flowering plants within reach- and horror of horrors- chewed up one of my Copics which he leapt up and grabbed from my desk before I could stop him. Just as well we love him!

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Chrissy said...

You have a mischief crazy dog, ha ha ha, glad you got the bunny's back and they are absolutely gorgeous Chris and I love the colours of their dresses and bonnets..Happy Easter..


Bernadet said...

Oooh Chris, this is just awesome.
love the 2 bunny's wich you dressed in style.

meg said...

A fabulous gift for the girls to find tomorrow,hope it stays dry,I can imagine the thrill of finding these beauties

Louise F NZ said...

Marvin won't be able to contain his excitement :) Gorgeous bunnies x

Sheryl said...

What a fantastic alternative to chocolate - the gift that keeps on giving long after the chocolate is gone.
Thank you so much for entering our challenge this week at CRAFT Challenge, looking forward to see you again next challenge.
Hugs Sheryl xx CRAFT DT

coldwaters2 said...

Hi Chris i love your knitted bunnies you are clever they look so cute I can understand why Marvin wanted them he sounds full of fun and mischief, lol, my Jess used to dig holes in my garden I think they are trying to be helpful in their own way, lol.
lorraine x

Janette said...

Oh dear Chris, so sorry but had to laugh at your naughty pup, Marvin sounds like a handful indeed, haha. Your knitted bunnies are so cute and so well made, I can't knit for the life of me so am amazed at this sort of thing, I am ok with a hook, but thats it.
Have a fun day, good luck keeping Marvin at bay.xx

aussie aNNie said...

How brilliant are these cuties, fabulous design too xx
Marvin is a boy and boys will be boys and Bella is no better... full of life and mischieve too x

brenda said...

These are adorable Chris and what a special treat for your Granddaughters at Ester. All back to normals again for Marvin tomorrow, he's be a happy lad.

B x

brenda said...

And then I totally forgot to say thank you for joining us at River of Creativity, a perfect entry.

B x

Zoechaos said...

These are wonderful and exactly what the River of Creativity is all about. Your girls will have had their hunt and found these by now I'm sure they will be over the moon with their treats. Thank you for adding them to our challenge xx

Pat said...

What gorgeous Easter bunnies Chris I’m sure the girls will love them. Sounds like you have had a fun week with Marvin!

Pat xx

pinky said...

Oh wow those bunnies are absolutely adorable! Who wouldn't want one!!! Oh no that Marvin sounds like a handful of mischief for sure. You are bringing back memories of our little dog, especially the digging up of the garden. We haven't a flower in sight as he likes to pee on everything now! Hope the stitch removal goes well. I am sure your granddaughters enjoyed their egg hunt too.

Aunty Sue said...

How cute are these just spotted while taking5 mins to blog hop. No pun intended asfor Marvin well i thought you discribing teddy my daily activities plus 23 month old but as they say keeps us on ourtoes